Service Rates

Rates for carry in out-of-warranty repairs, upgrades and callouts.

Effective 31st July 2017.

Minimum service fees
Minimum service fee for simple software service eg. iPhone restore $25
iOS device backup and restore data $35
Hardware diagnosis fee (out of warranty)
May be added to any other applicable rates
Preparation of Technican’s Report for insurance claims $66
Priority fee (move to the front of the queue in busy periods)
May be added to any other applicable rates
Software Service ‘Grease and Oil Change’
Run utilities and diagnostics, install updates, etc $99
Desktop upgrades and repairs
Fitting hard drive, etc $120
Call out service
Software and network troubleshooting
Per hour on site $120
Plus travel, per 10 minutes $10
One-on-one sessions (in store)
30 minutes $50
60 minutes $88

Service for Mac

Mac Service and Support

We offer support, repair and upgrades to all Apple Macintosh computers up to 7 years old.

Apple Authorised Service Provider

PowerMax has a fully equipped workshop for repairing Apple computers. Our experienced Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians can perform warranty repairs on most Apple products.

Privacy policy

All staff and technicians working at PowerMax observe our strict privacy policy, which means you can be confident of your data remaining secure.

Sales Support

Talk with our friendly, knowledgable team about your needs, hopes and wishes for your new technology. Stop into the shop or book a time. Just send us an email. We take delight in helping our customers choose the best products. Take advantage of our specialist knowledge and experience!

To boot, we offer our customers a free tuition or service (for one hour) with every new Mac. You can use this to have a one-on-one Mac OS X introductory lesson, or a data transfer.

Ongoing Support

Got a quick question you think we can help with? Email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For more involved things you’d like help with, book in for a one on one lesson/support session. $50 for half an hour, $88 for a full hour of assistance with everything from setting up your email to how to get the most from your new iPod or iPhone.


Bring us your unwell Mac, in or out of warranty, and we’ll diagnose it for you and prepare you a quote of the repair cost. As well as access to new parts directly from Apple, we also have an extensive collection of recycled parts.

Please Note: Hardware diagnosis may incur a $66 fee for computers out of warranty.

We pride ourselves on our repair quality and also speed of turn around, so that you have your computer back sooner. All repairs, in or out of warranty, are covered by a 90 day (repeat service) warranty.


Ask about our Grease and Oil change service for your Mac, where we:

  • Check the health of your hard drive
  • Apply all available Apple software updates
  • Clean the fans and casing of your Mac

We recommend this service for all Macs once every 12 to 18 months. It costs $99 and it can often be completed the same day.

iPhone, iPad and iPod

We can exchange faulty iPods and iPads that are covered by AppleCare. The warranty can be extended to 2 years by buying the extended warranty anytime in the first year, email us for prices for your model.

Broken screen and still in warranty? To ask us for a quote on a replacement device email us the serial number, or drop it into our store.

Did you know, you can exchange an out of warranty iPod or iPad (in good condition, but no longer working) for the same model device at approximately 70% of the new cost?

We can also restore the software on an iOS device for $25, or do it your self following these instructions.

On-site technician

We have Apple qualified technicians available to come to your home, business or school. Call or email to book some on-site help. The cost is $120 per hour, plus $10 per 10 mins travel time.

Service for iPhone

iPhone hardware issues that are covered by an Apple warranty are serviced for you free of charge. Please note that not all issues (such as issues with software, configuration or user damage) are covered under Apple’s warranty, and in such cases, you may be charged a fee. For information on what is covered by Apple’s warranty, please see their warranty information by clicking here.

In some cases we are able to facilitate an in-store repair, for others the device may need to be sent to the Apple Repair Centre, located in Sydney. This process can take 4-6 business days. Depending on the warranty coverage and the issue with your iPhone, a loan phone may be available in the meantime. For more information on the loan phone program or for availability, please contact us.

Find My iPhone

Before submitting your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for service, Find My iPhone must firstly be disabled.

Find My iPhone is a security feature which allows you to track your device if it is lost or stolen. With Find My iPhone activated, someone needs your Apple ID and password to erase, reactivate or use your device.

With Find My iPhone disabled, your device can no longer be located, placed in Lost Mode, or remotely erased using or the Find My iPhone iOS app.

Apple provides instructions on how to remove your device from Find My iPhone.

Backing Up

It is strongly recommended that you maintain regular backups of your iPhone to iCloud or to a computer running iTunes.

Before submitting your device in for service, please ensure your backups are complete and up to date.

In the event that you are unable to backup your iPhone, we do offer a backup and restore service for $35, assuming that your data is accessible at drop off.

Apple provides instructions on how to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Cracked Display

If you have cracked the display on your iPhone, PowerMax can help. As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, we are able to facilitate a mail in repair to Apple’s iPhone Repair Centre in Sydney. Repairs take 4-6 business days to complete, and you can rest assured that your repaired device is covered under Apple’s repeat service warranty for a further 2 years.

iPhone Display Repair Pricing

Model Price
iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone SE
iPhone 6, iPhone 6S
iPhone 7
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone Replacement out of warranty

If your iPhone has been damaged or is out of warranty, it is possible to exchange it for an identical model under Apple’s out of warranty replacement policy. Bring it in for an assessment by our technicians.

iPhone Out Of Warranty Replacement Pricing

Model Price
iPhone 4S $349
iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone SE $479
iPhone 6 $549
iPhone 6S $519
iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus $569
iPhone 7 $559
iPhone7 Plus $609

AppleCare Warranty

All new Apple computers and devices come with a one year warranty and 90 days of telephone support from Apple Support on 1300 321 456.

Additionally, Australian Consumer Law ensures you have 24 months of statutory hardware protection.

At any time in the first year after purchase, you can purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan which extends your warranty to three years of hardware repair and three years of phone support (for Mac), or two years of hardware repair and phone support (for iOS devices). We encourage all our customers to consider buying and AppleCare Protection Plan for their Mac, iPad and iPod.


iMac $189
MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13″ $279
MacBook Pro 15″ & 17″ $389
Mac Mini $169
Mac Pro $279
AppleTV $35
Apple Display $109
iPad $89
iPod Classic, touch $65
iPod Nano, Shuffle $45

Send us an email with your Mac or iPod serial number if you’d like to know if it is still covered by Apple’s manufacturer’s warranty.


iPhone, iPad and iPod are all eligible for a special AppleCare+ warranty which covers up to two instances of accidental damage in addition to all the regular benefits of AppleCare coverage.

iPhone 6 and earlier $129
iPhone 6s and 6s Plus $189
iPod touch $129
iPad $89
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