Make An Appointment

Make An Appointment

⚠️ During this period while PowerMax is rebuilding our store, please use the information below to book an appointment with Apple Robina.

For in or out of warranty service for all Apple Products: Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, AirPods, Beats, and more:

Book an appointment through Apple Support

To bring your device in for service, book an appointment through Apple’s online Appointment Scheduler.

Log in with your Apple ID and then choose View your products. Select the device which needs service, then choose your problem description. Choose See your service options, then choose Bring in for repair.

On the Schedule a visit page, you will see your nearest service options. You may need to change your Location – click next to Showing options near, if the location listed is not where you are located. Then under Or find by location enter your postcode.

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