Slim. Robust. Elegant.


The OtterBox Strada Folio case is the perfect mix of practicality, value and style. Premium Leather wallet case with a card slot and drop protection, what more could you ask for?

The case comes in black, brown, red (only iPhone 6s/6s Plus) and turquoise (only iPhone 7/7 Plus) and wears as it is used, gaining more character each day.

I have been using this case for more over 2 years and could not be happier. As a person prone to dropping my phone on a daily basis this case has served me well and I highly recommend it. The card slot can fit between 1-3 cards without affecting the magnetic mechanism and it is easy to open and close. While closed it does not affect the speaker or microphone and can easily be used with the front flap tucked behind. The Plus cases (6 and 7) also feature a stand capability.

This product is available for iPhone 6/s and 7 for $59.99 and iPhone 6/s Plus and 7 Plus for $74.95

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– Ellen