Our Staff

Alex Clarke

In 1982 Alex was introduced to computers while in high school, using a mainframe connected to remote terminals via the phone line, which was cutting edge technology at the time. Shortly afterwards he used a Commodore 64 to begin experimenting with BASIC programming. After traveling the world for a few years, he settled on the North Coast and landed a job at The Northern Rivers Echo newspaper as a designer. This was his introduction to the Mac. In 1996 he founded PowerMax Computers Lismore.

Alex is our Chief Technician, co-ordinating Apple Warranty repair work, and is our networking expert. Alex holds Apple Certified Macintosh Technician and Technical Co-ordinator qualifications from Apple.

Amelia Ahern

Amelia's first computer was a Mac Colour Classic with a tiny 9" screen. After several years traveling in Europe she returned to Australia and secured a job with a traveling physical theatre company Circus Monoxide. Here she began learning the fine art of admin, management and book keeping. In 2004 she joined PowerMax Computers. She believes passionately in the value of training and has provided over 1000 hours of one-on-one lessons to PowerMax customers. Her other roles in the business include manager, finance officer, customer service supervisor and human resource co-ordinator. In her spare time Amelia loves renovating her home, bushwalking, and permaculture.

Bryan Hillard

Bryan grew up in the Lismore area, and attended high school and Southern Cross University in the region. Studying for a Bachelor of Music (Production Major), he gained a lot of experience using Macs in the recording studio. Added to the previous experience that harks back to the Apple IIGS, he has been using Apple computers and operating systems for around 25 years.

After working as a Apple Certified Macintosh Technician since 2006, he has found his way to become part of the PowerMax team.

Bryan spends his spare time socialising with mates, cooking, and looking through his telescope, clouds permitting.

Joanne Sriamporn

Joanne was born in Lismore. Joanne spent time growing up in Sydney, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, moving back in Lismore in her early teens. She was introduced to computers in primary school, and her family's first home computer in 1993 was a Mac Color Classic.

Jo spent her high school years at Kadina High School in Goonellabah, where she took two years of elective information and technology units. Her favourite subjects were English, Maths, Visual Art and Ancient History. During her final years of high school Joanne developed a major body of work in visual art using her skills in digital drawing and painting.

Joanne has a passion for archaeology and history. "I spend my free time drawing, dancing, skateboarding and playing music on my guitar. I am currently learning how to surf," Jo says.

Keir Duncan

Starting primary school at a small school run by parents just out of Nimbin, Keir had never been introduced to a Mac before he reached high school.

Since purchasing his first iPod in 2007, Keir’s interest in technology was kick started with his discovery of electronic music. After receiving his first MacBook in 2010, Keir has taken a thriving interest in Mac computers, iPods and Apple’s latest innovative technologies like the MacBook Air and iPad 2.

He started studying IT at Trinity College Lismore in 2010 and later moved on to Lismore TAFE to begin working on a Certificate IV in IT Tools for New Media (Multimedia). Early in 2011, near the beginning of his TAFE course, Keir started a traineeship with PowerMax Computers, training to become a Certified Apple Technician.

Keir’s main interests at school were Information Technology and Drama. In his spare time he loves to skateboard, swim at waterholes with his friends and listen to music.

Ellen Welstead

Ellen was born and raised in the Northern Rivers. She has grown up in a household of Apple users and consequently has used Apple products her whole life. The first Apple device Ellen bought herself was an iPod nano 4th generation. During her free time Ellen enjoys watching films and photography. She also participates in school debating. Ellen is currently studying and works on Saturdays.


Connor grew up in Lismore, and attended high school at Trinity Catholic College and Kadina High School. He has always had a passion for technology, and was always aiming to work in IT.

Only recently converting to the Mac, he has become completely absorbed by their ease of use. Now training to become a technician, he hopes to be able to repair the Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Connor spends his spare time hanging out with friends, playing video games, skating, and playing soccer.